Production processes

INDUSTRIE PASOTTI specialized in the production for third parties of aluminium die-casted components with cutting-edge technology 
The main reference markets for our products are the following ones:
  • components for household appliances
  • components for automotive and trucks
  • radiant structures for the assembling into electrical radiators
  • components for pneumatic, electronic, lighting, heating
The main processes carried out in our plants or through external and selected patners are the following ones:
  • die-casting and automatic trimming performed by more than 35 die-casting machines
  • surface finishing such as manual or robotic grinding, sandblasting and tumbling, internal and external thermal treatments
  • mechanical machining and assembling in robotic islands, carried out or internally our plants or by selected patners
  • painting by epossidic powders, or internal ( with possibility of a primer coat of anaphoresis) or by selected partners