INDUSTRIE PASOTTI S.P.A. of Brescia, ITALY, was founded in 1964, a natural development from previous industrial operations which had already become well-established in the traditional production of locks, sanitary fittings and handles.

Production began at the site in Sabbio Chiese (BS), which has established itself over time as an important centre for the pressure die-casting of non-ferrous materials, and specifically in the field of industrial components for companies in the automotive,pneumatic and domestic appliance sectors,among others. The unit of Prevalle (Bs) dates back to 1972.

In 2006,in order to face the new challanges of the international markets, it was founded in SLOVAKIA the Company BRIXIA Press, which today counts on two new production plants, the one for die-casting, the other for mechanical machinings of components in the automitive and domestic appliance industries.

Today INDUSTRIE PASOTTI S.p.A. is at the top of the respective industrial sectors and has two state-of-the-art plants, located in:
  • SABBIO CHIESE (BS), which produces pressure die-cast industrial components in light alloys
  • PREVALLE (BS), which produces pressure die-casted medium and high size industrial components and performs additinal processes as mechanical machining and painting by epossidic powders

Today BRIXIAPRESS sro has two production units in SLOVAKIA
  • SLOVENSKA LUPCA, which produces pressure die-casted small and medium size industrial components in light alloys
  • VULKANOVA, for precision mechanical machining, testing, packaging of die-casted industrial components

The company’s policy is designed to favour maximum product quality and reliability. With this in mind, specific investments have been made in order to develop a programme of research and technological innovation. This has allowed the company to reach a high degree of automation with extremely reliable quality.